We believe Bangladesh will be big tigher in south Asia for internal revenue collection is most important. Businessman are most valuable part of that. In our thinking how he can doing business without any hastel by revenue collector. We pordived VAT Management, VAT risk audit and VAT risk Management system development. Porper utilization of paid VAT can reduce the costing of consumer goods. Team TRC always keep free from any kind of VAT Risk of a businessman. VAT is that kind of tax will be attached every steps goods life cycle. Proper VAT Management Flow that evey steps of goods life and utilities the previous paid VAT successfully for that additional VAT can reduce the goods coating. From businessman side reducing cost of goods sold than means increase the profit. If a businessman reduce his cost of goods sold than he can sell the the product in lower price.
Without mainting the VAT Management VAT can be costing of goods that can increase the product price for consumer. For that reason our money influence rate is higher than another county. In our country common people are mostly unconscious about thair right to stublish. So businessman can seles thair goods and services without doing any cost effectiveness.
The Real Consultation want to do such kind of work that can be valuable for both of businessman and consumer.