Bangladesh will be mid leavel income country after one year from developing country and also tergeted rich country after twenty years. Our honorable PM make a plan for rich country called RUPOKOLPO -2041.When a cuntry is developing or under developed many rich country give donation as a berger. When a country become mid leavel income country, rich country stopped thair donations. For that only internal revenue collection is more important for development of country. Our most of the revenue are collecting by NBR with three wings of revenue collection.
Customs - custom duty will he paid only one time when a goods or services are imported from other countries.
Income tax- This is dorect tax collected by tax department of NBR. There are two kinds of direct tax in country, one- Personal tax will be paid by the person who have the taxable income from many ways such as salary or personal business. Two is company Tax. There are many pernership or limited company in Bangladesh. They doing various business and earn profits from the business and gives tax a part of that profit. In our country most of cases tax deduct at sources for import and supply of goods and services. After ending financial that asvance tax will be adjusted with tax liabilities. In some cases source tax deducted amount will be final statement for the company.
VAT - Value added tax is an inderect tax which is added in every steps of goos life cycle. VAT will be finished when the end user used it or finished it. So it is also called the consumer tax that will be paid by the end user. End user means common people in the country. Most of the cases our businessman don't understand VAT will not be costing that increase the value of product. It is always advance that will be adjusted with sale time VAT. Businessman never sell his goods by loss. For not knowing VAT laws they added VAT with goods as cost so VAT increase the product that will be paid by common people. They have no right know why they paid additional amount as excess cost of goods. Without knowing VAT Management evey businessman paid ezcess VAT as cost of goods. If they khow proper VAT Management they can esely sales that product by reducing price upto 3-4% of total cost.