Thanks to almighty Allah he bless us for that we have done some remarkable work by using The VAT Tax and Customs laws. There are:-
1. In the year 2017 three VAT commissionate with 50 VAT official came crawn cement Group head office and factory office at the same time. Hole they collect 26 bags papers from both office. The commissioner LTU VAT made a audit committee with 17 VAT officers for review all of collected papers. After three months audit they found nothing regarding VAT manipulation. They refund all of our papers without any VAT demand
HOW IT POSSIBLE IN crawn cement group we all related department did thair work woth one command. We rekorked all VAT and Accounts related matter properly and reconsiled all matter perfectly. We can started our work from LC opening and end to used by customer. This is call proper VAT Management system was there. So we can proved that we are complaining with the law.