VAT Management is important for Businessman. In every entry of accounts and aslo every moment of any product. From the openin LC for import any rawmaterial or finishrd products hy inpoter VAT are started from that time and end by useing or consuming by end user of thst products. Opening LC there are some expenditure occared by that time such as LC communication, VAT on that commission her accounting entry will LC commissioner is a expenditure of peoduct that can value added the products but VAT on LC commission is a advance VAT that woll be adjusted VAT payable or VAT on sales. If any businessman didn't know the VAT Management, he will added the VAT on LC commission as costing of product. It has two impacts in accounting treatment one- without knowing VAT Management rebates will not taken and will not be adjusting with sales VAT. Two is excess VAT paid for value adding by VAT on LC commission.

Near about 20-25 Steps in product life caycle, in every steps had some value added and VAT has involved on that value. Or a compay needed to paid VAT for thair any kind of expenditure. Someone give Mushok 6.3 with 15% VAT if it is a product source VAT will not be deducted form that bill payment but any other VAT rate or fixed rate of VAT source will be deducted from rhat bill payment.

A limited company are responsible for source VAT deduction. In its annual financial statement has shown many kind of overhead. In every expenditure has involved with source VAT. It is most important for VAT audit. If a company has proper VAT Management system they overcome the VAT related audit without any demand but have not has any VAT Management they face a large amount of VAT demand with monthly 2% interest. It is most costly for the company. SO NOW MOST IMPORTANT THING IS PROPER VAT MANAGEMENT FOR EVERY COMPANY IN OUR COUNTRY. WE PROVIDED PROPER VAT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DEVELOPED FOR COMPANY'S PRESENT AND FUTURE SEFTY AND SMOOTHLY BUSINESS OPERATIONS.